Sunday, 26 April 2009

Why there are bugs in software

Why bugs are present in software?

The development of software is a complex discipline the output of which cannot be exactly the same as any previous time or approached in exactly the same way using exactly the same techniques.

It’s obvious the exact actions that are used to develop software cannot be repeated precisely. This is not manufacturing, there are no poke-yoke, failsafe software development system, fixed-gauges to ensure precise quality is achieved or robotic systems to reduce human input.

The development of software involves large amounts of human involvement, ambiguity, ambiguous statements of requirements, a myriad of possible solutions and uncountable potential failures.

This means two things are guaranteed:
• Bugs will be found at every stage of the SDLC.
• Every application released will always have bugs present within it.

That's my thought for the day lay here on the sofa like a cat in the sun, lush green sunny Spring days, nice.