Wednesday, 22 July 2009

What are your Selenium challenges?

It seems that when using Selenium natively there are a number of common challenges people encounter. Here’s my list of things I encountered and thought “Hmm... how do I do that then?”
What would you add? What have you struggled with or are struggling with now?

• Dealing with pop-up windows
• Testing dynamic text or content
• How to go about testing Flash
• Capturing screen shots, either to file or in some form of report
• Iteration of the test case, running repeatedly with minor changes
• Data Driven Testing, pre-cooked data or generating on the fly
• Generating useful test status reports
• Setting up Remote Control
• Setting up Grid

There is a way around all this, by using an outsourced software testing partner, such as my own company Test Hats. However, with a little work you CAN fix these issues yourself. Now that Selenium 2 is out, some of these have gone away.

Thoughts? Leave a message!