Sunday, 9 August 2009

What test technology and tools are you working with?

I've been working a lot lately on elaborating a Selenium and Ruby web test automation framework. It's going well of itself and I've used the framework with a number of clients successfully in the last 3 months or so. As I always say - lot's more still to learn!

It came as little surprise that the use of Selenium and Ruby was not what most expected as say QTP or Java are more commonplace. This prompted me to think about:

What technologies and tools are you using now in the testing field?

From my side I'm using as tech or tools sat on my desktop:

* Selenium: IDE, RC and Grid
* Ruby: for creating Selenium-Ruby based test scripts
* Rake: Build programme
* NMQA Vienna: as a (free) test management tool
* MS Virtual PC: To run various OSs to use with Grid
* SciTE: Text editor
* SQL Server Management Studio Free Express edition for working with SQL DBs

So, if you have to rebuild you laptop tomorrow what technologies and tools would you be putting back on there? If you went to a client site tomorrow to deliver some testing what would you expect to be working on?



Corey Goldberg said...

+1 for SciTE.

I'd also add some FF plugins to the must haves for testing. like Firebug, HTTPFox, etc.

and for programming/scripting tasks, I'd need a python interpreter...

Justin Hunter said...

A totally shameless plug, but one I honestly think people who try it will find useful:

When testing "all combinations" is infeasible, as it almost always is, a tool that can help identify a subset of test conditions in a way that maximizes coverage in a minimal number of test cases can come in handy. We have created Hexawise, a test case design tool, to do just that. It is used in all kinds of black box and grey box testing. It is often used for functional integration testing but has many other uses as well.

A worked example of how you would use it to test, e.g., Google Maps, is at:

We have a free version available at:


Justin Hunter
Founder of Hexawise