Sunday, 26 September 2010

Free Testing Workshop, Málaga - 7th:9th Oct.

I'll be in southern Spain between 7th and 9th of October visiting a client in the Málaga area. It would be great to have a meet up with some testers and do a few hours workshop on something of interest.

If you're in the area or nearby and can get to Málaga or you are a team/group no more than an hour away give me a shout.

You can set the topic and we'll split the time 50/50 between tuition and hands-on practice. Afterward we can co-author an experience report for the test community.

Here's some ideas of what we could go through in 2-3 hours.

[Exploratory Testing]
* What it is and what it's not
* Test Charters, Diaries and Sessions
* Test design techniques, Heuristics and Memes
* Reporting; Bugs and Progress
* Deploying Exploratory testers in development teams
* How to use it on it's own and in combination with other approaches.
-- I'll leave you either copies of template documents or software to use

[Live Documentation / Active Specification]
* Why documents are dead, literally!
* Live documentation; what is it and why you should use it
* Active Specification; what that is and how it's the link to automation
* FitNesse and Concordion; working example frameworks using Ruby and Java
-- I'll leave you the example FitNesse and Concordion frameworks

[Selenium (Ruby) Automation]
* What are the Selenium tools and why we use each
* Getting set up with IDE and RC^
* Using the IDE for assisted testing and rapid prototyping
* Converting IDE tests to Ruby for use with RC, to test across multiple browsers
- I'll leave you with a working Selenium-Ruby framework and some sample scripts

^ I don't think we'll have time to get Grid installed and running but I'll leave a workbook of instructions I have so you can follow up.

After we discuss each we'll get hands on and do some testing activities. You should end the session being 'able', not just having theory!

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