Saturday, 25 September 2010

One Measure to Rule them all

Measures and Metrics are back in discussion again in the Mark camp of testing. I recently met with Mohinder Khosla around St Pauls after we’d exchanged emails on the topic and shared some material with each other.

I recently wrote a Test Approach where I included five of my favourite measures:

Test Preparation
• Number of Acceptance Criteria v. Number of Test Cases per functional area (Bar Chart)
• Number of Test Cases Planned v. Written & Ready for Execution (Burndown)

Test Execution and Progress
• Number of Tests Cases Executed v. Test Cases Planned per functional area (Burndown)
• Number of Test Cases Passed, Failed and Blocked (Line Chart)

Bug Analysis
• Total Number of Bugs Raised and Closed per period by Severity (Line Chart)

What that struck me as I was writing the approach was that we really needed to know one thing:

“The total number of Acceptance Criteria moving into a pass state – this is PROGRESS”

Sure we need ways to assess the backlog, complexity, test execution progress, etc. but as an ATDD project we want to know what acceptance criteria have gone green.

Mohinder is working on the paper that includes a number of sources and views, look forward to seeing it soon.