Sunday, 17 October 2010

Linux Intro - a rough and ready guide

It may come as a surprise, heck perhaps even a shock - but I confess to being a complete Microsoft addict. I decided to crack my shell (turn over a new leaf, etc) and get a bit more into Linux. My work and home PCs now sport Ubuntu and to get to know it I spent the weekend learning-some-stuff.

For anyone reading that has been thinking to have a look at Linux - here's my Rough and Ready Guide to Cracking you Linux Shell! (ahh... witty tech references ;)


The instructions assume you're on a PC.

1) Get Linux
The first thing I did was install Ubuntu a free Linux based operating system. After installation your PC will have a dual boot menu where you pick Windows or Ubuntu.

2) Learn what Linux is

With that installed I spent a few hours going through this Linux tutorial via a terminal window (DOS box) in Ubuntu.

If you've used DOS commands in a terminal window before you'll get what this tutorial is going on about.

3) Do another tutorial

Similar to the one above but another perspective but repetition helps the learning. Skip the first few lessons, review lesson 4 for context then bounce straight to Lesson 5.

4) Learn Some Bash Scripting

In summary, take the above basic commands and rock onto something a bit more useful.

Let me know how you get on!



Pet Lover said...

What an excellent timing - I installed ubuntu on my laptop and was looking for good begining point. Will look into linked suggested above and let you know how things progress.


Mark Crowther said...

Thanks Rakesh! Look forward to hearing how you get on.

Pet Lover said...

Hi Mark,

I spent sometime looking into the articles and playing around with Ubuntu - I would highly recommend link for everyone who wants to play around with Linux(for beginners).

However, for some odd reasons I couldn't figure why there was an error assigning a value to a variable in bash scripting,

example -
Line1:var = "Hello bash !"
Line2: echo $var

this always comes with error "command var not found" on

I don't why this was a problem - didn't really bothered to figure out as all the other commands are working well.

I found link and one other links

really handy while for bash scripting..

time to get hands dirty with some automation tools...


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