Monday, 28 February 2011

London Tester Gathering - May 2010 - Sign-up now!

I just looked over the growing list of talks and workshops being given at the London Tester Gathering in May and bloody-hell it's looking good. Not sure how Tony manages it but these gatherings just go from strength to strength.

Given I have a lot to say about testing I fancied I'd request a slot to talk. But... I'm going selfish on this one as I want to be in the audience and learn from some of the folks doing the presenting and workshops.

There's already too much cool stuff happening across the two days to see it all!

If you do nothing else today go check the site out and sign-up. Book holiday, coerce your boss into giving you time to attend - just do what you have to do to be there!

When you've read it please copy and send the Tweet below:

London Tester Gathering, May. Sign-up now! @tonybruce77 #LTGMay RT!

Mark 'is it may yet' Crowther


Anonymous said...

Hi analyzing this blog was very exorbitant , reviews in this way emotive who reads this forum:)

Tony Bruce said...

Hi Mark, I'm looking forward to it too, should be an excellent two days.

You've hit the nail on the head. I thought about doing something but I wanted to attend all the sessions.