Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Defects associated with Failed test cases

When a Test Case or test condition fails, the general practice is to raise a defect.

I’ve worked in some agile teams where no defects were raised, we just showed the developer who fixed the issue. Great environment, especially if the focus is on ‘shipping working software’, which it should be. However, as mentioned, it doesn’t matter what defect management software or issue tracker you’re using, you’re typically going to have to raise a defect report in some form.

That’s fine, go ahead and do it, provide all the needed detail to support a Triage process if you do one, give the developer what they need to fix the issue. But… when you do raise the defect report, makes sure you connect/link/assign/associate it with the Test Case that failed!

I’ve seen so many times the situation where defects are raised and the failed cases get forgotten. As the project progresses a growing body of failed cases builds up. What should happen of course is that you get a defect fix through, check the defect record and see which case it related to. You then retest both the defect fix against the record and the Test Case, to ensure it now passes.
  • Link failed cases to defects
  • Don’t forget to retest the failed cases when you get a new deployment!


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