Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Indians and their Indian'isms - Top 10 List

Hey All,

For those of us who've had the pleasure of working with Indian off-shore companies, you'll no doubt have been charmed by their good looks, refined manners and quirky phrases. Yes, on top of everything, our Indian colleagues bring with them some amusing and colourful turns of phrase.

Here's my Top 10 List, have anymore? 

OK... OK, Top 8 list... Have any more to make a Top 10?

8) Test Suit (instead of suite)^
7) Updation
6) Prepone
5) Greetings! (at the start of emails)
4) Please do the needful (at the end of emails)
3) What all...
2) Prepend

and the No. 1 most amusing thing I like to hear...

1) Devleper

Oh yeh! Because all developers should be treated like lepers! ;p

Hey, love you guys!


^ An Indian colleague stated that if you say suite, then people will just think of sweets ;)

Unfortunately ladies, whoever this bloke is...
we confirmed he is NOT a software tester.

(sorry about that ;])

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