Monday, 29 September 2014

NightwatchJS - JavaScript web automation with Selenium-Webdriver


As the website says "Nightwatch.js is an easy to use Node.js based End-to-End (E2E) testing solution for browser based apps and websites... Simple but powerful syntax which enables you to write tests very quickly, using only Javascript and CSS selectors."

If you're happy writing a bit of JavaScript, then Nightwatch is an interesting option to look at. It uses Selenium Webdriver at it's core and so fits the tech stack commonly used for web testing.

This post is a no-fluff Quickstart to get nightwatch.js set-up on a WINDOWS system - because as usual the Nix* crew have posted for that side already. Here nothing is 'explained'. For a more details and how to set-up on other systems, see the Nightwatch website and Github repo. 

This is describing set-up on a **Windows 7 Professional** 64-bit system with Firefox installed. 

For the epicness, in a new tab, open this and leave it open until you are complete!



1) Base folder  
  • On your system create a folder called dev on the root, e.g. C:\dev

2) Install Node.js
  • Under C:\dev create a new folder called nodejs.  
  • Go to and install nodejs in the new folder, ensure you include the npm (Node Package Manager) tool in your installation.  

3) Install nightwatch.js  

  • Under C:\dev create a new folder called nightwatch.  
  • Got to Start > Run > and type 'cmd' to get a console window.  
  • Type `npm install nightwatch` and note the location and structure of the install.  

4) Get Selenium Server  
  • Download "selenium-server-standalone-{latest version}.jar" from;  
  • Place the file in the nightwatch/lib folder created as part of the nightwatch.js installation.  
  • Rename the file to `sel-serv.jar` for ease of reference.  

5) File to call the runner  

  • On your system navigate to C:\Dev\nightwatch\node_modules\nightwatch  
  • Create a new file called nightwatch.js
  • Add the following line and save the file; `require('nightwatch/bin/runner.js');`

Basic set-up is now complete!  

6) Start Selenium
  • Open a console window (or reuse the one from step 3) and navigate to: C:\Dev\nightwatch\node_modules\nightwatch\lib
  • Now type `java -jar sel-serv.jar` to start Selenium Server.  
  • Open Firefox and navigate to `http://localhost:4444/` to check the server is up (ignore the 403 error).  

7) Run some tests!
  • Open a new console window.  
  • Navigate to C:\Dev\nightwatch\node_modules\nightwatch\
  • Run all example tests by typing `node nightwatch.js`  
  • Run a group group of tests by typing `node nightwatch.js -g google`  
  • Run a single test by typing `node nightwatch.js -t examples/tests/nightwatch.js`  

Yay!  Your first nightwatch.js tests!


p.s. Look out for the post on creating a VBScript report viewer for Nightwatch.

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