Monday, 27 February 2017

100 Day Deep Work - Day 0 - The Learning Plan

Yes, Day 0 of #100DayDeepWork was all about planning and it took place on a 2.5hr journey back to London. In truth I slept some of that time, but hey I still got the 90 minutes in!

You can pick up the book that inspired this or just carry on reading through the posts.

Following on from the post yesterday and looking back over James's infographic, I thought it would be wise to plan a little first. If mastery is the primary objective that, I feel, needs depth of understanding. As such I've planned out to work through a set of online tutorials and likely before they finish to then start cutting code by following a collection of YouTube tutorials I've collated.

The courses I'm going to work through are:

Once they're done, well actually as they're worked on and I feel the urge to cut code, I'll jump onto application and algorithm development. The idea is that by the time I've done the above I've started a) encountering material I'm already comfortable with and b) have seen more then one way to do the same thing.

Just be aware these phases of C# and Selenium will overlap. There's no need to just to C# or just do WebDriver after all. Indeed, the course by Nikolay starts with a C# primer. Right now I'm in an automation role looking purely at front end. Pretty basic then but a good warm up for to go deep diving.

After the above I will start layering in some Deep Learning of C# via sample app development. I created a playlist here: Learn C# via application development. These 8 videos will take about 5 hours or so to complete.

30+ Days so far
With stopping and starting videos, practice, etc. I'd estimate this is around 50 hours of Deep Learning minimum. That's about 33 days, but with skipping over the things that I'm happy with I'd say we have 30 days learning here.

OK, time to rest up and get onto Day 1 of #100DayDeepWork