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Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Cross Team Process Synergy

Read the Cross Team Process Synergy discussion paper

As Test Managers, we're often so busy delivering day to day that we never get around to properly thinking about how we could be working better. Sometimes we know we could be, we wish other teams would work with us more or that we had some form of working practice in place between teams - that meant there really was some form of team work going on.

The first step to making that happen is being able to easily articulate the benefits to teams, customers and the business.

Well I've collated those thoughts for you and even added some thoughts on how it'll create the conditions for quality. Once you've read this paper have a look at "A Documentation Model" and "Quality System Implementation", then come back here and tell me how it was for you.

Mark Crowther - Head of que aye?

Monday, 20 November 2006

Quality System Implementation

One difficulty with doing something you've never done before is knowing what the thing you want to do 'looks like'.

It's the same with a Quality Management System. You can read all you like about the theory of it but sometimes seeing an example in front of you is by far the easiest way to really understand.

In keeping my approach of ensuring the fundamentals are made clear I've posted a paper discussing a small Quality System Implementation.

This wasn't for a software test team but a security team at a large Internet Service Provider. If you've read the paper "A Documentation Model" then this could be read as Part 2, a practical example. The discussion on scalability will make more sense after reading the paper here.

Mark Crowther, Head of Systematic Systemic Systems