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Friday, 23 February 2007

Developing the Team

Read the Developing the Team paper

One of the things I do in any role is Team Mentoring which in part can involve setting up an appraisal system for the Test Team. That may seem unusual for a manager that focuses on delivering solutions around Software Test and Quality Assurance. I'd agree it is unusual but often insisted on especially where:

  • There's no system in place in the business or at least not one that's being followed to any great extent.
  • The business wants the performance of their shiny new Test Function managed effectively and measurably.

Setting up a new Test Function or hiring in a Test Team is an expensive and somewhat risky undertaking. Executive management must not only be assured that the Test Function delivers from a technical standpoint but from a personnel standpoint.

Good testing isn't enough, the business wants good teams made up of good corporate citizens. Are you living the brand, living proof of the corporate values, evangelical like in your delivery? The Test Team, especially a new Test Team, will be under incredible scrutiny and they may be 'seen' to perform in all aspects.

See, now we bring some of the pieces together I bet it doesn't seem unusual at all? Why not read the paper and share your thoughts here?

Mark Crowther, Head of QA and Team Flowering.