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Saturday, 28 April 2007

A Documentation Model

Read the Documentation Model discussion document.

What's the next most groan inducing thing you can say to developers and management after "Let's introduce a Quality Management System!"? How about "... with a really good set of formal documents!". Yep, developing a Documentation Model that's how to gain friends and influence people all right.

OK, so as quality oriented professionals we know a rational approach to the documents we use is a good idea. We also know that some external groups such as those troublesome (kidding, we love you) customers and certification bodies keep wanting to see our documentation.

It sure is good to show off a little by providing documents that are clearly part of an organised and well managed set. But where to begin?

Well, leaving aside dry talk of such things as documentation audits let's just focus on getting some documents in place? Don't worry. I've developed a way for the software test team to put in place a structured system for test documents, that's easy to understand and maintain.

It can even be scaled into a full Quality Documentation Management System with a little help from a few tools and willing participants. But that's another dry part we can discuss later.

A document about documents, all in three pages or less. Wonders never cease.

Mark Crowther, Head of QA and Documents about documents