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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Oh monkies, a Survey!

If you're part of the QA & QC Google Group you'll have noticed my posting about analysis techniques and practices I put up there some time ago. Actually, you probably didn't notice as no one replied. But it's OK, I'm not (that) bitter. To help folks I've put together an anonymous survey. Non, no, don't thank me.

A few months ago I read Lesson 32 (chapter 2 generally) and section I-8 of the NRC Fault Tree Handbook and I felt I was getting a real insight into analytical techniques. You know those things you do naturally to some degree, but you do them in a crude fashion and you're not actually sure if they have a name? That was me, heck still is!

Well here's the shimmy, I've been studying the topic of testing requirements analysis for a few months now. Part of what I'm trying to understand is what we 'really' do in this area. This really is one of those areas where we know what we 'should' do but rarely do or get the chance to do.

There's a link to the survey and pop-up on my website. The vocabulary I use in the survey is ambiguous on purpose as I'm trying not to 'lead' people in their answers. I'm no professional survey author so hopefully it wont confuse you too much! It’s only 10 questions but you’ll see you can add as much extra detail as you wish.

Drop me a mail with your critique of the survey too. I'm very keen to see how these can be used as a tool to get more insight on topics of interest.

Remember the survey is anonymous so I can’t thank you individually, you can always email me of course! So, thanks in advance and I'll make sure I share the information here once I have something meaningful together.

Mark "and just another 50 questions" Crowther