Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Test Case execution priority

A question put to me recently:

"If you have Test Cases already prepared and you have to just excute those test cases in a very short time then how will you decide which test cases has to be excuted first. Is there any technique ?" - Mrityunjay

If you have more Test Cases than you have time to run then you clearly need to put them in some priority order to ensure you run the 'Most Important Tests'.

I think it's rare that the test team can do this as we don't have a complete view of the importance of all development features that are the Most Important.

Approach 1

As soon as you have them written get together with people that can decide their priority such as the Architect, Product Owner or Project Manager and Walkthrough the Test Cases. Ask them to put them in order for you. Ask them "If I test nothing else, if I show nothing else works - what would you want?". Then when you have that ask them "If that was done, what would be next?" until you're done. This meeting should be 30 minutes tops.

Approach 2

If the test team really have to choose then there's analysis needed to decide the selection of the cases:

  • Risk - Does the Test Cases cover an area where there's been a lot of change or where many issues are usually found?
  • Importance - Does the Test Case cover an area that absolutely must work and/or will always be used?
  • Breadth - Does the Test Case cover functionality broadly and is a high level test over a set of lowere level, alternate Test Cases?

If you have a Test Case that is covering critical functionality in a high risk area then you need to run it. If you have a Test Case that is covering an area of minor change across functionality hidden several menus deep that will be used by a small group, leave it to the last.

Of course now you need to make sure you're reasonably accurate in your estimation of how long test execution will take. This will ensure you can declare what test will be executed and which wont be.


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