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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

QA Survey, Interview Questions, Awareness Campaign?

Some time ago myself and a colleague were asked to brainstorm a list of questions that might be used in an internal survey. The purpose of which was to assess how aware the organisation was of what the test team did.

It was one of those great 1 hour brainstorms that produced a peice of work that surprised both of us.

Having been searching my PC for something entirely different it was a pleasant surprise to rediscover it. So, before I lose it again I thought it might be wise to share it ;)

Enjoy using these and add any in the comments that you think of yourself.

1) Do you know what type of reporting QA provide during a development project?
2) Are you aware of any reporting or information that is available when QA are not engaged in a development project?
3) Do you know if QA publish any information such as what they are working on or who is working on it?
4) Are you aware of what could be provided using any reporting systems we might have?
5) Are you aware of any reporting systems QA might have?
6) Have you ever seen reporting for areas such as Bug Quantity found, % complete of the test cycle, % code coverage?
7) Are the above or similar of use to you? How?

8) Is there a process for requesting testing / test resource from QA?
9) Do you know what type of testing QA provide during a development project?
10) Are you aware of the testing that QA perform when not engaged in a development project?
11) What reasons do you know of for QA selecting a type of testing to deliver?
12) Can you name any dependencies QA have from other teams that help them deliver the testing?
13) How do these dependencies impact QA delivering the testing?
14) Is it clear why testing takes the time it does?
15) When a Test Engineer isn’t testing, do you know what they are doing?
16) Is it clear how early QA should be involved in a project to deliver effective testing?
17) Do you know if and how QA use Requirements and Design documents?
18) Do you know what items or documents QA create when delivering testing?

Bugs and Issues
19) When do QA submit bugs?
20) Is it clear why QA will submit bugs?
21) Against the above do you know of any reason when we wouldn’t submit a bug?
22) Is the process for managing bugs through QA and dev clear?
23) Do you know the process for deferring bugs?
24) And closing them?

QA and Testing Knowledge Share
25) Has it been made clear what the ‘Software Test Life Cycle’ is?
26) Are you aware of any other practices and processes QA have in place?
27) Is so, do you know where they are published, if at all?
28) Do you know what tools QA use to aid testing?
29) Do you know if QA, development and documentation use the same tools?
30) Do you know how the outputs from tools get used by different teams?
31) Do you know how many Test Engineers are in the team?
32) Are you aware of how they are assigned test work?
33) Do you know if QA have relationships with development teams?
34) If QA do, is it clear why?
35) If QA don’t, do you believe QA should?

36) Have you ever attempted to build a relationship with the QA team?
37) If you have, how did this go?
38) What would you suggest is the single most useful thing QA do?
39) What would you suggest is the single most useless thing QA do?
40) Do you believe QA add value to a project?
41) If not, why not?
42) If so, how?
43) Can you name a project that would be in a lesser state of quality without the input of QA?
44) Can you think of a project where QA didn’t help or perhaps were detrimental to the project?
45) If QA could make one change to what we do, what in your opinion should it be?
46) Do you think it’s clear to QA what your team do?
47) Come to think of it, what is it you do? :]
48) Do you believe QA should be proactive in chasing development or development should come to QA?
49) Do you see QA as a potential pool of resource for adding to development, a stepping stone into development?
50) Should QA provide guidance to the developments teams on how to test their own software?