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Saturday, 8 November 2008

China - Software Testing Club

Over at I just set a club up for China.

I have a special interest in China (having family there) and in Software Testing and I have a problem - finding out about Software Testing in China is like haystacks and needles.

At a Client site recently I encountered a number of Chinese linguists doing translation work for software. It occurred to me I've never encountered a Chinese Software Tester in the UK. Indian sure, Chinese, they don't exist it seems.

I know off hand of two companies that are involved in offshoring test and development to China, CSC and Bleum. I know a tonne of them in India.

I know of Indian testing qualifications, universities that teach software testing to some level, I know a few Indian testing luminaries too. I have no idea about courses, conferences, institutions or guru's (chánshī) in China. (Slight lie, I know of this training provider but it's in Chinese so am working off dodgy Google translations

Is ISTQB established in China yet? I've contacted the person marketing it over there, we'll see what response I get.