Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The Irrational Tester

Just read a great paper by James Lyndsay of Workroom Productions.

In it he talks about the various types of irrational bias that we can suffer from as testers. Read the paper here.

Confirmation bias = Test Cases?
Process Imperialist, Agile Evangelists = Congruence Bias?
Clustering Illusion = Bugs are where bugs are? How to avoid false clusters?

Under Illusion of Control james states "When testing... we seek reproducible experiments". So, testing is an experimental activity? James Bach thinks it's a science. Testing is an Experimental Science then?

In the same section he discounts testers (unlike traders) being "vi) Goal focused". testers aren't goal focused and so this isn't of Illusion Control? That doesn't seem right unless I've not understood (likely). Aren't testers very goal focused?

Broken Windows, paragraph 4. Yes, it will lead people to become sloppy because that's what happens. people are a) lazy or b) suffering some form of bias mentioned in the paper.



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