Monday, 22 June 2009

Feedback to PM's - weekly or daily?

Driving on my way to work today I started thinking about ‘feedback’ on projects and how often we’ll give feedback to a Project Manager on a traditional project. My experience has been that the feedback is generally given once per week, at the Monday morning Project Management meeting.

I’d almost forgotten that this had been the way I used to provide feedback on how testing was going. Feedback once per week would see me having kittens now. I’m so used to the agile style of running a daily stand-up that the thought of weekly updates just seems so alien.

I imagined going to my online banking service and after logging in seeing a message that said ‘No updates, please come back Monday’! A moment after thinking this I realised in this situation I would immediately panic and be ringing the bank. A realisation which came a moment before I realised I’d missed my turn off! Doh!