Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Project 'Coding Oledium' - Part 1

Well, much for cranking out lots of YouTube videos in quick order, editing videos has proven more of a challenge than I expected! Avid, Edius, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premier, Final Cut Pro, Windows Live Movie Maker, Lightworks  and other video editing software were all on the list, that enough to choose from?!

In the end it proved hard to get any working as I could hope – until I found Camtasia Studio 8. So far so good, though the second video seemed to have wobbly audio. It may need me to get used to the Snowball Ice from Blue Microphones that I’ve just bought, with Pop filter don’t you know. Blimey… it’s a whole other world eh?

But enough of that nonsense…  back to the software testing! I may begin to question the wisdom of Vlogging as-I-learn-to-code but hey, in an alternate universe I used to video blog in the same way as  I painted miniature models… no really, search for HantsWarhammer on YouTube. Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t admit that?

# So what’s it all about?
The idea of the ‘Coding Oledium’ video series is for me to have a live project to practice VBScript on. How it will work with me learning as I record I’m not sure, might be totally boring or it could be interesting like Big Brother for Geeks, though reality TV isn’t my kettle of fish to be honest ;p Having said that, I remember watching thekamloopian on YouTube a few years back and it was oddly compelling, can I do the same with Coding Oledium? It’s an interesting idea.

Oledium should contain VBSCript classes, functions and subs, smatterings of arrays, plenty of variables and a host of other stuff to be sure. I want it to be a fairly structured software development project, but also loose enough to do a little agile development and testing. Oh, and very very simple, that plan is NOT to develop a real game. I’m sure I’ll get myself lost down a track a few times but that’ll help teach myself all about VBScript and coding! Let’s see if I can crack the video production techniques and sort out the audio rendering et al.

Here's the first video, a little rough in terms of production quality but you'll get the idea :)


First step was to create a Mind-Map as a basic design, good for thrashing out what file and features might be needed. I'll post the full MM when it's done so it can be downloaded, which reminds me I need to think where to put the code files. I have played with Git Hub in the past, but it's a pain in the arse. Maybe Microsoft Skydrive or Google Drive public folder might be an option.

Well, Part 2 is pending, when I start to write up some code!