Thursday, 15 August 2013

Project ‘Coding Oledium’ – Part 2

It’s (not) surprising how much study there is to get going on a coding project like this, especially when you’re learning on the fly! But, VBScript like Java is something I’ve ignored for too long given my distaste of all things ‘mainstream’. Which randomly reminds me, go and listen to Liam Frost if you like clever lyrics and regional accents in music… (not mainstream, geddit?)

Anyway back to the project. I decided the most important thing to do, than just wade in coding was to, oh yeh… wade in and try and randomly lay some code down. After finishing the design to a good-enough standard first, I thought to crack on and start thinking what the main control file will look like.

I see that as the way to keep the project simple, thinking about how I’ve done test automation with Ruby in the past. Have a simple, sequential script that calls in all the other stuff. All the functions, subs, methods, classes and whatever else there is to use.

As you’ll see I decided to use Scintilla text editor instead of some more heavyweight IDE. Visual Web Developer, Visual Studio, Expression Web and all the others I can’t think of are a bit too involved. That and not wanting to pay for anything, rules them out.

At the level I wanted, Notepad++ was an option and so was Notepad 2. But Notepad++ is based on the Scintilla editing component and so is Notepad 2, so poo to that, straight to source. In truth, straight back to one I used before and know how to use.


As you’ll see from the video, design complete, first codey bits down. Thinking about it now I’m going to build out the blank files and then set up the linking to other files next. Without the ability to call other files the game in this structure (with a single control file) just won’t work.