Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Tools & Tech - Install SQL Server 2012 Express

Often we’ll be testing with systems that contain data that we’re interested in. We’re interested in the data because it will inform us about how the system is operating, what functions, methods, classes, etc. are doing in the background with data we enter or that is received by the system in some way. Much of the data the system works with is hidden, that is not exposed back in the UI, so our ability to get access to it wherever it’s stored is critical.

Most of the time we can expect data to be stored in a database (DB), as opposed to a set of flat files perhaps. That means we need to know how to access the DB and then access the data that’s stored on it. To access the data, we’re going to have to know some of the basics of the Structured Query Language (SQL) that is used to work with data in a DB.

To practice using SQL and start playing with the data on a DB, we need a DB to play with. Most often we don’t have free access to a DB in our workplace, so setting up our own would be very handy. To do that isn’t as hard as it might seem. We can use a free product from Microsoft called SQL Server 2012 Express and install it on a Windows system.


Watch the video for a walkthrough of the download and installation process. You can download SQL Server 2012 Express from here: to help with your SQL Server training.

In the follow up video, we’ll build out some tables, populate it with some test data as if we have a freshly installed build, then run some queries that give an idea of what we’ll often be 


Tools & Tech - SQL Server 2012 Express