Friday, 7 February 2014

Guidelines on conducting a Face to Face Interview

When conducting face to face interviews, it's good to have a format for them. A format that is consistent, fair on all candidates and allows you to evaluate each person on a like for like basis. Scroll down for links to some other useful items to help in the interview process.

Face to Face Interview Outline

1)   Greet the candidate
Welcome the candidate to the interview and introduce yourself and what your role is in the business and the interview.

2)   Confirm information
Show the candidate the CV you have of them and any Job Specification they should have seen. Make sure you and the candidate have the same information.

3)   Outline the interview Process
Explain how long the interview will run for, that there will be a brief Candidate Assessment and that the main focus will be on talking through the candidates CV, exploring their experience and knowledge in context of the role on offer, business needs and their own aspirations.

4)   Begin the Interview
Conduct the first part of the interview for around 30 minutes.

5)   Break for the assessment
Leave the candidate with the Analysis Assessment for around 30 minutes.
(see link below)

6)   Close the interview and thank the candidate
Advise the candidate that we’ll review the interview and advise them within the next few days, set a date if possible.

Required Items:

  • Candidate CV
  • Job Spec if one has been set
  • Management Org Chart
  • Copy of the Assessment
Straight forward stuff, make sure you and your colleagues adhere to this or some other consistent approach and interviews will go a little smoother.

Have a look over the previous blog post for what can go in the Assessment.

You might also find the following templates useful too:


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