Thursday, 6 February 2014

VBScript - Email Signature Generator

It's always good to find new and useful ways to use VBScript automation on Windows. One task I decided would be better automated, is the generation of consistent looking Email Signatures for the team.

How many times have the team messed about creating a .html file for their email signature, only to waste time and end up with something that looks nothing like their team mates? Lots! I hear you cry, well no more!


This .zip archive contains a set of vbscript files (and a .png) that will help you create a custom email 
signature file for you and your team.

How to use the scripts

- unzip all files onto your local system, in a folder of your choice.
- replace the file 'logo.png' with your logo
- double click on "emailSigGen_CallerModule.vbs"
- enter the details as prompted
- when complete, a file called "_SigFile.html" will be added to the folder location

Unpacked files, after creating the .html signature file

Now you'll need to make the .html file available to your preferred email client. That's out of scope for here, head over to your favourite search engine to learn how!

Contents of the .zip file

The .zip archive contains the following files:

1) ReadMe.txt
This file, for reference about the .zip archive

2) emailSigGen_CallerModule.vbs
This file calls the others and controls the flow of execution

3) emailSigGen_CollectingUserDetails.vbs
This file asks the user questions to get the data to be used in the email signature. It also creates the .html file that will be used in the email client.

4) emailSigGen_HTMLFileCreator.vbs
The formatting and layout required to make the .html sig file look good. You can edit this to have the correct font, colours and additional style elements you want.

5) logo.png
An example logo to show how one would look as part of the email signature. Change this to your own company logo.

This set of scripts also show us how we can use vbscript to call a function in another file, which is a handy thing to know.

Grab the .zip file at:

The Checksum for the is:

Why not check it for yourself?