Thursday, 10 July 2014

Software Testing T~log! (help needed)

Hey All,

Well, I finally got my equipment and software sorted out to be able to Vlog. That is, Video Log, creating a kind of video based diary or End of Day Stand-up.

However, it's not that life diary kind of Vlog, it's a Testing Vlog or as I'm going to call it a T~log! Yay, as in Testing kinda like video blog :) #t~log! is my official new hashtag. 

I've been wanting to do these for a while but couldn't nail the format. In the end it struck me there was more than enough stuff happening in a testing day to chat to the testing community about for 10 to 15 minutes.

In the latest video I mention an new paper on the main site, An Approach to Project Sizing and Complexity - grab it here: There's also the London Tester Gathering on the 20th July, let people know you're coming by visiting the Meetup site I also mention the CIA style guide, testing feeds and plans for the next videos.

Once I work out the tech, I hope to get others on the t~log! and pull in more stuff than just from my own testing day. It would be great to have a literal EoD Stand-up t~log! of what happened today in testing. Bare with me while I polish the format...

but... I need your help

I will: 

  • Try and t~log! daily (Mon to Thursday minimum)
  • Call out meetings, events, sites, blogs, resources, etc. that are of interest to the community
  • Get others to t~log! with me
  • Keep the t~log! informative and provide links to resources etc

I need you to:

Thanks in advance,


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