Wednesday, 1 April 2015

EU-US agreement BANS the job title 'software tester'

It's now law - being called a Software Tester is illegal

In a shock joint move, the US Department of Commerce and the European Union Department for Trade – have BANNED the use of Software Tester as an official job title.

Negotiations have been going on for some time into the harmonisation of job descriptions, titles and pay across the technology field. In what appeared to be no more than a Think Tank coming up with yet more bureaucratic nonsense, it follows hot on the heels of ISO 29119.

“We should have seen this coming. Unlike 29119, that we can ignore, this is law” said a source in the IT recruitment industry that wished to remain anonymous.

I called Johan Steiggler, Head of Employment Harmonisation at the EU and asked him why ‘software tester’ was not on the list, “I recall we spoke to a big consultancy about this. Our research told us there were many names in use and the most harmonised approach would be to use the title ‘QA Test Engineer’, so that’s what we’ve added.”

When challenged about using ‘software tester’ his response was terse, “you could do, but that would breach employment law”.

So there you have it, software tester is dead.

Read the announcement on the EU website.


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